Nestar S.I.I., S.A. is a Real Estate Investment Company managed by Azora Gestion, S.G.I.I.C., S.A. with majority third party capital and in which entities and individuals linked to the Azora Group have contributed less than 5% of the capital.

It was the first investment vehicle managed by Azora, created in 2004 alongside Spanish institutional investors.


- Andalusia
- Aragon
- Asturias
- Canary Islands
- Castille and León
- Catalonia
- Madrid
- Valencia
- Galicia
- La Rioja
- Navarre
- Castilla-La Mancha

Housing characteristics:
  • Homes for rent with or without option to buy.
  • Affordable rental prices.
  • Brand new or completely renovated homes.
  • Careful design, quality materials and integrated into the environment.
  • Equipped with services and facilities:
    swimming pool, gymnasium, paddle and tennis courts, children's playground...

    If you are a tenant or want to be one,
    You will be able to search for housing and solve any doubts you may have.