We add value through Active Management

The Azora Group is a group of companies based in Spain focused on providing independent investment advice and management in the real asset space, both on behalf of third parties and for our own account. Created in 2003, the Azora Group has raised c.€6.7bn of national and international institutional capital since its creation and currently reaches c.€9.2bn of assets under management pro-forma, through 18 vehicles.

The Azora Group has a team with extensive experience, which allows it to manage the entire investment cycle, from the identification of the opportunity, structuring of investment vehicles, acquisition, restructuring, financing, asset management, repositioning, to eventually the divestment of assets.

The Azora Group is a pioneer in identifying new investment opportunities in untapped markets, creating value in complex situations and with a long-term investment strategy, prioritizing profitability and value creation in its projects.

The Azora Group specializes in several verticals, highlighting its investment and asset management expertise in Hotels, Residential (for rental and for sale), Senior Living, Logistics, Leisure, Offices and Renewable Energy.

Present in Europe and USA


Selection of Strategies

Execution capacity

• Pioneers in identifying new investment opportunities.

• Experts in obtaining value from complex situations.

• Search for opportunities in untapped segments.

• Long-term investment fundamentals.

• Investment committees formed by partners / senior executives of the Azora Group with extensive investment experience.

• High capacity for financial structuring.

• Extensive experience in banking and investment banking among the senior team.

• Proven experience in complex investment operations and restructuring.


Active Asset Management

Corporate Governance

• Multidisciplinary professional team with relevant real estate experience.

• We create value through our investments and asset management.

• We prioritize profitability versus size.

• With a wholly owned subsidiary focused on real estate asset management and servicer.

• The Azora Group has the highest standards of corporate governance and responsible investment based on integrity, transparency and excellence.

• The Azora Group includes a regulated manager (Azora Gestión, S.G.I.I.C., S.A.) within its structure, subject to supervision by the CNMV and authorized to manage real estate IICs (Collective Investment Institutions) and Risk Capital Funds.

• Alignment of our interests with those of our investors through participation in own funds and remuneration schemes. /p>

• Rigorous investment criteria and risk analysis.

• The Azora Group seeks the sustainability of its assets throughout their entire cycle through their repositioning and subsequent optimized management.